How to Make Cold Brew Coffee (and Everything You Need to Do It)

What You Need to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Writing about cold brew coffee for a publication with a keen focus on products is a bit ironic. Cold brew is the least gear-intensive method of brewing coffee out there. All you need: grinder, scale, beans, a container and a means to separate grinds from brewed coffee. None of that is particularly pricey, and if you’ve already invested in a coffee kit, there’s a good chance you already have some components covered. Curated by O’Hickey, this is your cold brew starter kit.

Burr Grinder

“The first thing to get if you want to keep the coffee consistent batch-to-batch. This might be the most overlooked aspect of brewing good coffee and it really shouldn’t be,” O’Hickey says. “The grind setting and consistency determines so much in the final product. Baratza home grinders are by far and away the best product, and the Encore is as good as it gets for the money. They also have great customer service.”

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