Cool Beans: 5 Great Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Iced coffee has been a longstanding warm-weather alternative to the hot stuff since forever, but there have always been drawbacks. As you’d expect, brewing hot coffee and then putting it on ice leads to a watery, acidic brew with as much flavor as Chuck D’s solo career. The answer is cold brew. Using cold or lukewarm water to brew coffee over a long (12-24 hour) period creates a non-acidic, flavorful (and hyper caffeinated) coffee concentrate that you can drink however you like. cold-caffeine aficionados — and those who simply enjoy sipping something temperate and tasty — can make the good stuff at home with any of these five great cold brew coffee makers.

Filtron Cold Water Brewer For the Power Drinker


Sixth cup of the morning? Awesome, us too! This brewer is simple and works just as you’d think, making seriously caffeinated coffee (great right?!?!) — and it makes a lot of it, so even the hardiest of mud-sluggers can get their fill from one brew. The Filtron consists of a pot that combines the coffee grounds and water with a filter at the bottom, and once the coffee is done you pull a small plug on the bottom to drain out your clean, tasty coffee concentrate. A solid construction and simple design mean it should last in the long run and is well worth the extra dough if you can swing it. Speaking of dough, does anybody have any doughnuts? 

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