Best deals on green cars for October 2018

One of the best ways to get people to buy green cars is the same way automakers get consumers to buy any car—by making deals. Looking at October sales, among plug in cars other than Teslas, the bestsellers were those that offer the best deals from month to month. This month, many of the same models offer the best deals. The list is compiled by our partners at CarsDirect and reflects a recent change to include only cars that are widely available, rather than focusing on rock-bottom prices on cars that most buyers won’t be able to find in dealer stock.

Electric cars

2018 Nissan Leaf SL

The best deal on an electric car this month is the Nissan Leaf. Its 151-mile range can’t match the longest-range cars, any Tesla or the Chevy Bolt EV. Other than those models though, the Leaf has the longest range of electric car.  Lessees can drive home a Leaf for $219 a month with $2,929 due at signing. That gives the Leaf an effective price of $300 a month, $141 a month less than the Bolt EV. That gets drivers 12,000 miles a year. Only the base Leaf S is eligible for the best lease deals. Buyers who want the loaded Leaf SL don’t get the same lease incentives; the Leaf S is discounted up to $11,350, the SL is $1,575 less.

For 2019, Nissan is expected to release the Leaf e-Plus, which will have a range of 220 miles or more. It’s likely that those models won’t be as sharply discounted.

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