12 Best Automatic Coffee Machines

A really good cup of coffee can be the linchpin between a lousy day and an excellent one, which is exactly why you should be picky about what you drink and how it’s made. You can’t always stop for the perfect Americano at your favorite joe hole, so making it at home before you set foot into the world is oftentimes the preferred method. These finalists from the gamut of automatic coffee makers in the areas of drip, pour over and single cup deliver an excellent pot (or cup) of the hot black stuff, so you can take on the responsibilities of the day with a smile on your face and caffeine coursing through your bloodstream.

Bunn BT Velocity 10 Cup


If firing up a big pot of joe in no time flat is what you’re about, then the Velocity is your brewer. It takes a scant 3 minutes to brew a full pot. The machine lacks some expected amenities like programmability, a water level window or a display of any kind, but it does come with a stainless steel carafe to keep your coffee piping hot. Don’t expect coffee elitists to fawn over its rather low-rent exterior, but take pride in the fact that you can get your caffeine fix faster than just about anyone else.

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